Saturday, 11 March 2017


As we all know, the heart is recognized as one of the strongest organs in the of the body which
functions as a blood pump. Day and night, it works tirelessly from the day that you are born to
the day that you kick the bucket (die, that's what it means 💀💀😁😁😁). Although this organ is a very
hard-working organ, certain diseases may arise, but the one that I am gonna focus on is
Coronary Artery Disease.

Now, Coronary Artery Disease is a disease where the inner walls of the coronary arteries
(specifically) gets blocked by plaque, making the walls more rigid and narrow, which restricts blood
flow to your heart. As a result, oxygen cannot reach to your oxygen, leading to a heart attack or, even
worse, cardiac arrest (Hmmmm……look it). This is a very serious problem if not treated.


·         Shortness of breath

·         Palpitations (irregular heartbeats, skipped beats)

·         Faster heartbeat

·         Weakness or dizziness

·         Nausea

·         Sweating

·         Angina (pain in chest, as well as legs, arms, back, jaw, neck, left shoulder

David Cravedi

Here is a scenario where Coronary Artery Disease almost took a doctor’s life. Dr. David Cravedi of
Betheseda, 55 years of age (see picture), was a healthy individual. He ate well, didn’t smoke and
exercised daily. He didn’t have a family history of heart disease. But his early symptom of a potential
heart problem was an elevated cholesterol reading from a physical exam. In September 2005, he
awoke one morning with numbness in his left arm. His wife drove him to a nearby emergency room
to be checked. He was immediately placed in a helicopter and flown to a hospital specializing in heart
surgery. There, he was found to have had a heart attack. Further tests indicated the need for
immediate bypass surgery. Within 24 hours of his first symptoms, Cravedi awoke in a hospital
intensive care unit following a successful six "Don't wait to have a heart attack, like I did, to take the
necessary action to reduce your high cholesterol," said Cravedi. "I thought diet and exercise could
take care of it, and it did not. However, I have been told that there was little damage to my heart.
Perhaps my daily exercise routine produced a strong heart!"

 Do you see what I mean readers? This was Coronary Artery Disease pulling the strings of his life.
Now this what I like to call a Silent Threat. Because, if wasn’t treated on time, we would have
another cadaver on our hands, don’t you think so? Anyways, Coronary Heart Disease isn’t a walk in
the park. Eat well and live your life to the fullest!!!!!!!


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